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 Forum für Strickstrumpfhosen, Strumpfhosen und alles was dazugehört

Sorry for English, but I don't know German. I have two questions:

1. Do you know any producers and websites of such classic men's tights with zip like in this album:

2. the same question, but about such stripped tights:

These are very typical stripped tights. they all have the same pattern of stripes and they have something-like-seams on the back of the legs. this kind of tights is very popular, but I suppose that they come from various producers.

I ask you because I realised that pictures of these two kinds of tights very often appear on German websites. I also hope that people from these pictures are here and may tell me some information.
ps these links may not work, then copy them into the browser's adress window
 Re: Questions about producers and websites of tights 04.05.2005 (15:57 Uhr) Strickstrumpfhose
The tights from the first album semms to be from ergee. They are called "Herrenstrumpfhosen" made from Ergolan..

The others could be from Hudson or Crönert, these are "Ringelstrumpfhosen"

You can buy them at various onlineshops in Europe and Germany. If you want adresses, drop me a mail:

Have a nice day,

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